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On Writing

photo 22All my life I’ve loved writing. Sometimes it’s felt like a love-hate relationship, especially when fear has kept me from writing. But I’m one of those writers (and I know there are many) who can’t help but feel a sacred passion for writing. The sacredness makes it difficult to talk about writing with others (not to mention the inherent privacy of writing and the fact that I, like many writers, am an introvert). But here I go.

I want to write good literature—great, artful, truthful, thoughtful, beautiful literature. But I have a long way to go. Right now I’m practicing and studying the craft of writing in all genres, and continuing to read all I can, especially great literature. This is my abstract, long-shot writing dream.

My concrete, earthly (though perhaps no less ambitious) writing dream is to eventually earn my living full time through writing, and not have to work a day job, as I do now (I write in my free time).

To work towards that goal, I’m writing and reading as much I can, submitting my (admittedly beginner-level) writings to contests and publications (if nothing else, to practice handling rejection!), and participating in my local writing critique group.

I’m also offering my writing skills for freelance hire, to get further experience in various kinds of writing. I’ve already done a few freelance jobs through Elance.com, and I feel I’m starting to get the hang of it. My very biggest struggle is  staying aware of my limitations, so as to not take on more work than I can realistically handle.

So, through practicing the craft of writing in different genres, writing and reading all I can, submitting my writings and receiving feedback, and completing freelance writing jobs, I hope to reach my eventual goal of writing full-time, and my dream of writing great literature.

And If I don’t reach my goals, I will at least be satisfied to have tried!


I welcome your thoughts.

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