A Bringer of New Things

Musings on personal growth, books, motherhood, writing, and more.

Purposes of this Blog

meThis is my new, personal blog, open to the public for the first time. My audience is my friends, family members, acquaintances, and anyone else who wants to listen.

Purposes of this blog:

1) To express myself (in more depth than, say, on Facebook)—specifically, my thoughts, writings, and reflections on my studies.

2) To create an online presence and platform for my newborn writing career.

3) To contribute goodness, truth, and beauty to my world (that’s my aspiration, at least!).

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading!

“A bringer of new things” is a phrase from one of my very favorite poems, “Ulysses” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Here’s the phrase in its immediate context:

“Life piled on life
Were all too little, and of one to me

Little remains: but every hour is saved

From that eternal silence, something more,

A bringer of new things.”

I try to remember to see every hour and every day as a bringer of new things—new possibilites, new hopes, new opportunities. I also aspire to be a bringer of new things—new things of goodness, truth, and beauty—to my world.


I welcome your thoughts.

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