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Untangling: A Villanelle

photo 3This is where you end and I begin.
No longer will my blended, bowed soul stay
tangled in love that keeps me trapped within.

Entreaties will not swindle me again.
Those clouds are yours, not mine, and at their gray,
cloaking shadows, I end and you begin.

I see, now that I’m grown, this is my skin;
I need to be the molder of my clay,
not twisted by your hands, not trapped within. 

Love alone is good; joined with need, it’s sin.
This symbiosis slowly kills its prey;
Only its end will let us each begin.

This is my untangling. We can’t win
life’s race three-legged. I break away—
but fear you’ll fall; still, I’m trapped within.

No. I release you to your horizon,
while I follow my own. We’ll know, this way,
where one of us will end and one begin.
We’ll find untangled love frees us within.


One comment on “Untangling: A Villanelle

  1. Cubby
    September 18, 2013

    Beautifully written. 🙂


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