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How a Note from a Customer Made Me Kinder

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A few weeks ago at work, I opened a piece of mail from a customer I’d recently talked with for a while on the phone, helping her with some questions she had. In the envelope was her premium payment, but included with it was a little note that said “Thanks for being so nice to us.” I grinned and taped the note to the wall beside my desk.  

Every day I look at that note and smile. Through the power of expectations, the note lifts my spirit with a desire to keep being nice to people, even when they are rude or frustrating. It reminds me that kindness feels good, whether I’m giving or receiving it. It makes me want to contribute more kindness to my world—not just “random acts,” but continuous, conscious kindness—a pursuit worthy of the effort it requires.

 And it reminds me of the big influence a simple note can have.


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