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My Daily OHM (One Happy Moment) Journal

I’ve been keeping a different kind of journal lately. I call it my Daily OHM Journal—OHM standing for “One Happy Moment.” It’s as simple as it sounds: before I go to bed, I write down one happy moment from the day. The moments range from little things to big things—anything happy.

I like keeping this journal for several reasons. It leaves me with a pleasant thought as I end the day and go to bed. Also, it’s very nice to go back and read about past happy moments. And I love the coincidence that “One Happy Moment” acronyms (can I make that a verb?) to OHM, the meditation sound.  

But my main reason for keeping the journal is to help myself remember that my life is happening right now, in the moments of each day. I’m not waiting for some faraway unknown when I’ll really be living; rather, the moments of my days right now are what I will look back on, in some faraway unknown, and say, “That was my life.” This mindset helps me appreciate the present—and all the happy moments I get to experience now.

Maybe you’d like to join me in keeping an OHM journal?

One OHM entry, along with an OTILT entry: "One Thing I Learned Today"

One OHM entry, along with an OTILT entry: “One Thing I Learned Today”


2 comments on “My Daily OHM (One Happy Moment) Journal

  1. Madhura's Musings
    October 3, 2013

    I really like this idea. Very nice…:-)


  2. kdankovich
    October 3, 2013

    I love that idea and am going to pass it on. I especially like how it helps you remember that your life is happening right now, keeping you mindful of the present moment. I have been thinking a lot lately about the puzzle of how time seems to speed up the older you get. I have been trying to discover a way to make it slow down – like getting up each morning and saying “today is Wednesday, October 3, e.g., and think about my day when I walk my dogs in the evening so it won’t blend into all the other days, but that hasn’t done it. (Just like I would tell myself as each birthday got closer: you are still X years old. lol!) I did just read an interesting book called Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception. It was readable and interesting, but it didn’t help me make time slow down. To quote from the book: “If you can create a life with feels both novel and entertaining in the present, the weeks and years will feel long in retrospect. . . .The more memories you can create for yourself in everyday life, the less the weeks will rush by. Guess my days are too routine and that’s part of the problem! And, mademoiselle who is studying French, she quotes a 19th century French philosopher named Jean-Marie Guyau: [to lengthen time] ‘fill it, if you have the chance, with a thousand new things.’ [Why don’t you see if you can translate that into French and then find the quote in French and see how you did?]


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