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Verse on Reading Well

photo 33This is a fictional poem I wrote a few years ago, more for the sake of getting these thoughts out than writing a carefully crafted poem. I don’t think there is only one way to read well, but I think this librarian’s thoughts are worth considering. 🙂

I once asked an old, wise librarian to disclose his favorite key
to reading well. Perhaps these speed techniques? He said to me,

“Books can be gulped down fast, like cold water, or chewed
like a sophisticated multi-course meal. Which is most shrewd
depends on what each reader craves. Those with an appetite
for meaty sustenance or lush treats to be savored by the bite
will defy the back-cover blurbs and put their books down
sometimes, for digestion and delectation, so as not to drown
their own mind’s voice in a gush of others’ ideas. At the last,
we may wish we had paused more often to silently talk with past
writers, to weigh their thoughts against our own. This secret is prime:
throw out the speed tactics, and just pause: to read well, take your time.”


One comment on “Verse on Reading Well

  1. 2flames1soul
    October 30, 2013

    I like that, bask in the words feel them and enjoy the story.
    So many write with their own techniques…. this is what makes the world go round within the writing communities…. Love it!!


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