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How to Have Boundaries with Your Smart Phone


Ours is a world of constant noise, screens, ads, news, words. Do you ever want it to just slow down? Some of us, maybe, can handle the constant input better than others can, depending on various factors. For me, I’ve been finding out that life is more enjoyable when I can distance myself at times from the chatter and reserve a quiet space for reflection and rejuvenation. It takes conscious effort to do this, because the pull of screens, graphics, shouting headlines,  and convenient technology is too great to easily turn away from.

So I’m learning to “set boundaries” with my smart phone. Here are my latest rules for myself (that make my life much better!):

1. Don’t take it with you to the bathroom.

2. Don’t look at it right away in morning. (If you use it for your alarm clock, this necessitates the third rule…)

3. Put communication apps on the second screen and only utility apps (like the alarm clock) on the first screen. Also, set notifications not to show on the lock screen.

4. Turn it off at night or use the airplane mode or Do Not Disturb feature.

What other boundaries do you recommend?

See my later posts “Unplugging My Life” and “My Newspaper Op-ed: Why I’m Giving Up My Smart Phone”


I welcome your thoughts.

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