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Break from Blogging—and Giving Advice

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It is time for me to take a break from my blog. I need to focus my writing on other projects. But I have enjoyed blogging and making new connections with other bloggers and readers out there—thank you to those of you who have taken the time to read my posts!

I’ve also learned a lot through this experience. A big lesson I’m learning right now is that I am too eager to advise others on how they should live their lives. I spent my teenage years hearing sermons almost every day, so it’s no wonder that receiving and giving advice is a mental habit for me. But it’s a habit I want to break—because now I see that if we could make our lives better by simply choosing to, based on advice received, we would; and I also see that each person’s set of characteristics and circumstances are so unique that there is no advice that applies to everyone always. Other people do not need my advice, then (and who am I to think I have any answers, anyway?)—rather, they need my compassion. And right now my blog is too great a temptation for me to feed my advice-giving habit. So I am off to learn quietly, let my imagination run free, channel my writing energy into new kinds of projects, and, I hope, cultivate a wiser mindset.


I welcome your thoughts.

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