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The Glow of a Good TV Show

By Zaphod via Wikimedia Commons

By Zaphod via Wikimedia Commons

My fiancé and I have been watching the show Parks and Recreations on Netflix, and I absolutely love it! This show makes me laugh and laugh and laugh, and at odd moments I catch myself thinking about the characters like they are real people in my life.

It also inspires me to take more interest in the affairs of my local government(s)–the main character’s unflagging enthusiasm for making her town a better place is catching.

This could just be caused by the general likeness I feel with Leslie (the main character). In fact, laughing at her quirks and predicaments helps me laugh at my own more. Just like Leslie, I am endlessly idealistic and driven, and this gets me into trouble sometimes too. It’s great to have her as a mirror, to watch what happens when she interacts with different sorts of people and situations. If only real life’s foibles were so easily laughed off! Still, the show does my heart good.

On a more contemplative note–I think this is an example of the power of fiction. Whether in TV, book, or some other form, stories light up our lives like lamps in a room, spotlighting certain things for us to see, softening edges, and providing a warm, comfortable glow inside when the world outside is cold and dark.


2 comments on “The Glow of a Good TV Show

  1. mylifebutfunny
    February 17, 2014

    Totally agreed! Parks & Rec is a great show. Leslie’s enthusiasm is admirable and hilarious; she’s a great main character for a show.


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