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I want to read and learn all I can, write thoughtfully and truthfully, live according to reason and ever more mature wisdom, and savor every wonderful little gift of life.

Lovely Moments

Some lovely moments from my life this past week:

* Camping! My husband and I went camping over the Memorial Day weekend. It was, as always, glorious.

We did a lot of sitting by the fire, eating campfire food, talking, reading, and just listening to the sounds of the forest. I also broke out my guitar for a while.
We heard a turkey, red-bellied woodpeckers (both pecking and calling, from a nearby tree), owls, and a multitude of songbirds, in addition to toads and insects.And when we needed exercise, we went hiking in the woods. Ahhh…nature is my cure-all! Fittingly, I discovered this line from Emerson (from his Nature) while reading by the campfire:

“To the body and mind which have been cramped by noxious work or company, nature is medicinal and restores their tone.”

* Drinking Bigelow’s Plantation Mint black tea, another favorite flavor of mine

* Listening to An American Childhood by Annie Dillard, read by Tavia Gilbert

* Working on knitting my first sock

* Getting extra cuddles from all three of my cats after we were all back home together (they stayed at “their grandparents'” house while we were camping) 🙂



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