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I Appreciate You, Fast Food Workers!

Me, excited about chips and salsa. It was a good hair day, hence the photo, taken by the waiter. (My husband was in it too, but he wanted me to crop him out.) 🙂

On a lighter (and shorter) note today, I want to simply say thank you to all the fast food workers out there. Underappreciated and underpaid, they serve people in the most fundamental way. I could not do their job; I wouldn’t have the physical and emotional stamina.

And so often when my stamina has been low (along with my blood sugar), fast food workers have been my heroes. I shove them some cash and they give me food fast—and suddenly everything is looking up!

My favorite fast food restaurant is Taco Bell, because I love Mexican food and because they have a lot of good vegetarian options for me.

So, fast food workers at Taco Bell and elsewhere: I appreciate you!



3 comments on “I Appreciate You, Fast Food Workers!

  1. Witness
    May 29, 2014

    Great linked article about the plight of fast-food workers. I’ve always been confused by the issue of organized labor, with people frothing both pro and con. I have one friend who staunchly believes, if I’ve heard him right, that labor unions were necessary once, but no more, now that people aren’t so geographically bound. His thinking has seemed rigid and simplistic to me, but I wasn’t familiar enough with the issues involved to put up a good argument. The article articulates (as it were) some of what I’ve been noticing: Mobility doesn’t guarantee choice, not when corporations have global throttleholds on the economy, not when corporations have such disproportionate power in government, and not in a world that is real, rather than ideal.



    • Sarrah J. Woods
      May 29, 2014

      Great comments, Witness, thank you!

      I would imagine that the simplistic and rigid thinking you suspect in your friend is common in many people who are frothing arguments in this debate, whether pro or con; heated opinions do tend to stem from simplistic thinking.

      I find myself agreeing with you on the latter point you made as well, but I need to understand more about the issues involved in this debate before taking a firm stance one way or the other—for jumping ahead like that is how frothers are made!

      Thanks for your interesting thoughts. Glad you liked the linked article; I found it enlightening as well.


  2. Sarrah J. Woods
    May 30, 2014

    I just found another great article that takes a different approach on the issue—rather than a broad, historical view, this one looks at the financial struggles of specific McDonald’s employees. http://time.com/#2797810/mcdonalds-worker-pay/


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