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Weekly Mind Cleanup

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Currently blooming in my yard!

Sorting out my mental inbox from the week…

From Articles

TIME: Cleveland Clinc’s New Medicine
The Cleveland Clinic has opened up a branch for Chinese/herbal/alternative medicine, mainly for people who have health problems that standard Western medicine has been unable to help (like me!). How cool is that?! I’m going to be keeping my eye out for more information about this.

From WordPress

Posts I especially liked:

psychologistmimi: Power outlet scouring and Hawaii daydreaming: what does recharging ourselves mean anymore?”

Tales from the Reading Room: “On Not Being Able to Write”

The Thesis Whisperer: “When are you going to win a Nobel Prize?”

Today’s Author: “27+ Tips I Wish I’d Known About Blogging”

Jag Gym Blog:What a Headache Taught Me About Procrastination”

From My Reading

I’ve begun re-reading The Hobbit because I needed something escapistly fun to read, because I haven’t read it since junior high, and because watching the first two movie installments made me realize how much I’d forgotten of the story. It’s a delight to revisit!

In Twentieth Century USA I’ve been reading about World War I, Prohibition, and the gangsters—very interesting!

I’m doing a tour through library books on inequality, and one I picked up this week has been really absorbing me: Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class by Robert H. Frank. A central concept of the book is “relative evaluation”—we evaluate our possessions (cars, houses, etc.) based on context more than we realize. This is an interesting point to chew on, and I look forward to seeing the author flesh out the rest of the larger point he is building towards.

In My WritingCapture

I reprised and added to my musings on self-care in a post at my blog CFS, My Curse and Blessing: Learning the Art of Self-Care.”

At my blog My Post-God Life, I published a post called “Discovering Who ‘God’ Really Was All Along” and a poem called “Reader, I Left Him.”


Just in case anyone is thinking that I’m amazing for reading and writing all this, let me disillusion you, please.

It’s actually been a tired and therefore slightly down week for me, and sometimes (but not always) reading and writing are what keep my mind “up” when I’m generally feeling low.

However, I’ve taken tomorrow (I’m writing this on Thursday) off of work for a day to rest, sleep, relax, and pamper myself, to hopefully prevent a downward spiral. If it sounds like I’m preaching about self-care sometimes, the person I’m preaching to is me! It’s time to take my own medicine, that’s for sure.


3 comments on “Weekly Mind Cleanup

  1. emilievardaman
    June 13, 2014

    First, I love the photo! And as usual, you’ve presented me with far too many reading choices here. I know I won’t cover them all, but I’m about to dive in. I especially thank you, ahead of time, for the Time article on traditional healing.
    Too often herbs and such are called the alternative, but they were around long before this new medicine was. I refer to today’s standard health care as the alternative.


  2. Sarrah J. Woods
    June 14, 2014

    Thanks, Emilie! I’m glad to connect you with good information and resources. Yes, isn’t that so neat about the Cleveland Clinic’s new traditional healing center? I like your take on the label “alternative.” Good point!


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