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Lovely Moments

Lovely moments in my life from the past week…

* Making our backyard patio look a bit prettier, now that my husband has finished staining it red and re-painting our deck furtniture; I got two pots of petunias and some pretty chair cushions at K-mart, and now our deck is looking really nice!

* Knitting and resting a lot over the weekend; I was working on a little bag for a sibling’s birthday gift

* Mowing and raking grass with my husband late in the breezy late evening air right before a thunderstorm hit

* Cooking a new receipe on Sunday—a quinoa and spinach casserole

* Sorting my large stack of library books into “return” and “re-check out” piles 🙂

* Celebrating the end of the work week with chips & salsa and homemade margaritas with my husband on Friday night, and with the series finale of Sherlock on Netflix


2 comments on “Lovely Moments

  1. zeffiretta
    June 24, 2014



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