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Weekly Mind Cleanup

Happy Independence Day!

I don’t have as much as usual to share this week, but here are a few things of note:

From WordPress

Some posts I especially liked recently:

Pink Collar: “Short Fiction”
I love Leslie’s spirit of determination to meet her goal of learning to write fiction and her flexibility to see that it wass not what she really liked doing, after all.

Inspire!: “Understanding Poems (Or Not!)”
I went on a quest to find people who share my love of poetry that’s actually understandable, and I found this great blog and post.

Understandable Poetry: “Jabber Wacky”
Another find from my quest for likeminded poetry fans, this post is a poem about the trend of favoring obscure nonsense over clear communication in poetry today. (I’ve got my own treatise about this coming one of these days…)

From My Reading

I’ve picked up Plato’s Republic again (one of these years I’ll actually finish it!). Here’s a nice line from it:

“Thus, like someone who takes refuge under a little wall from a storm of dust or hail driven by the wind, the philosopher—seeing others filled with lawlessness—is satisfied if he can somehow lead his present life free from injustice and impious acts and depart from it with good hope, blamesless and content.”
(496e, trans. Grube, rev. Reeve)

In My Writing

Posts on my other blogs this week:

CFS, My Curse and Blessing: “My CFS Story, Part 3: Coming Back to Life”

My Post-God Life: “Learning How to Enjoy Nature without God” 


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