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Weekly Mind Cleanup

A bloom from our yard

A bloom from our yard

Sorting out my mind’s input this week…

From Articles

Two very interesting articles about parents from this month’s issue of Psychology Today (you can read the full text of these articles by clicking the links):

On the tendency of modern marriages to crumble when children come into the picture: “Child.ol’.a.try”

On research showing parents’ stark misconceptions about their children: “Parents Just Don’t Understand”

From WordPress

Graham’s Crackers: “Keeping the Faith”
A lovely reverie about not letting the bad news of the day get you down.

And, to help with that pursuit:
Higher Learning: “Despite All the Depressing News, The World Is Not Getting Worse, It’s Getting Much, Much Better”

From My Reading

I’ve been reading The Portable MFA in Creative Writing by The New York Writers Workshop, and the introduction wonderfully validated many thoughts and feelings I’ve been struggling to verbalize. For example, listen to this:

“MFA programs that emphasize…lyrical writing produce stories recognizable for their shimmering surfaces, their elegant lines, and their completely unmemorable characters set in completely unconvincing narratives, since they are really only about shimmering surfaces and elegant lines, and not at all about anything that matters to people other than other students of shimmering surfaces and elegant lines. When the virtuoso voice or the quirky vision (both by definition rare) are elevated so above the well-told story, you wind up with perfectly made nothings.”

As you know, that’s exactly how I feel about much of the poetry I read these days. But it’s a problem in prose writing, too.

In My Writing

Posts from my other blogs this week:

My Post-God Life: “What Do I Live For Now?”

CFS, My Curse and Blessing: “Finally, Really Understanding that I MUST Exercise”

I’m trying to push to get my memoir done, so I can move on to other projects…my lists of writing ideas just keep multiplying! But ideas do not equal finished written works. Far from it! If only writing were as easy as having a good idea! Anyway, I’m running up on that inherent difficulty of memoir-writing: the struggle to be truly honest, vulnerable, and authentic, rather than to keep some self-protective distance from the reader.


I saw this quote on Twitter (from @AncientWisdoms): “‘Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.’ – English proverbs”


One comment on “Weekly Mind Cleanup

  1. emilievardaman
    August 1, 2014

    I liked the hopefulness expressed in the Higher Learning post though a few of her comparisons were flawed. Overall, it was good to read it.
    Just yesterday I read a wonderful article about women in La Patrona, Vera Cruz, Mexico. It is a small village with nothing much to distinguish it except for the kindness of its women. Now I feel I must go there.

    Liked by 1 person

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