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Lovely Moments Lately

photo 12* Making, eating, and sharing these delectable chocolate-peppermint blondies

* Letting my husband doodle on my arm with a pen, and looking down to see that he’d given me a “tattoo” of a heart with these words inside: “[His name] loves me” 🙂

* Drinking Bigelow’s Orange & Spice herbal tea

* Getting to go to my writing critique group

* Leisurely reading a new library book called At Home with Jane Austen (by Kim Wilson); it’s filled with beautiful photos of the places Jane Austen lived along with drawings and paintings that illustrate various aspects of what her life was likephoto (3)

* Resting chin-to-forehead with my cuddliest cat, Murray

* Lying on the swing in our backyard last weekend when it was warm and sunny, with two of my cats draped over me like blankets

* Writing a paper for a course I’m taking online (American Indian History)…I’d forgotten how much I nerdily enjoy writing academic papers!

* Closing my eyes and remembering the beauty of Hawaii

* Buying a starfruit, slicing it, and eating the deliciously juicy pieces with my husband, who had never eaten one before

photo 22

Wishing you all lots of lovely moments!

~ Sarrah


One comment on “Lovely Moments Lately

  1. emilievardaman
    February 15, 2015

    Sounds just wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

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