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New Writing Plan and “Story a Day in May”

Marvin under the swing in our backyard where I sit in the evenings and write

Marvin under the swing in our backyard where I sit in the evenings and write

I’ve stumbled onto a new writing system that is working wonders for me!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling impatient about my writing goals? I think this new solution grew out of that impatience, because in and of itself, it is really obvious; I think I just needed that frustration as an impetus to take this step.

And it is—to devote at least an hour each evening to creative writing. And I mean just writing—not editing, brainstorming, organizing, planning, etc.

Before, I tried to do all my writing in my free moments at work (moments with no customers or urgent tasks to work on) and reserve my at-home time for relaxing and taking care of home and family things. It was especially important to protect my downtime when I was struggling more with migraines and fatigue. But now, since I’ve been feeling so much better after cutting out caffeine, I can afford to devote an hour or so to writing in the evenings, at least most evenings. And when I do, it actually re-energizes me and also gives me a deep sense of fulfillment!

Plus, knowing that I’m going to have some uninterrupted creative writing time later is really helping me get through my work days. Normally I feel like growling at customers (though I’m very good at putting on a friendly face) because they’re interrupting my writing time! I know that’s backward, but what else can I do? I must write, but I must also live, and living necessitates work and daily-life activities in my non-work hours. But now, since I know I’ll get to write later, I’m more relaxed at work, and I just use my free moments to do “meta-writing” things like typing up drafts, editing, organizing, etc. (and work on other writing projects, such as blogging!), which are easier to do at work anyway than raw-new creative writing is.

What externally prompted this plan was a decision to try the “Story a Day in May” challenge, because I had been wanting some concentrated fiction practice. I know it’s not May yet—I wanted to see if I could even write a story each day for more than one day in a row before I got serious about doing the challenge.

But after a few days in a row of writing a short story every day, I’m hooked! It’s exactly what I need right now. 

So now in the evenings, after dinner and maybe an episode or two of The Office, which my husband and I are currently watching, you can find me either outside in our backyard or upstairs beside my books, with a notebook and my purple fountain pen (and probably a cat or two nearby as well), scribbling away to my heart’s content. 


I welcome your thoughts.

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