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To quote myself…

Ivory towers no longer appeal to me.

Ivory towers no longer appeal to me.

I think it’s awesome that reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts often makes me say things I hadn’t been able to verbalize so clearly before. That’s the beauty of discussion.

And—if I do say so myself—I like the words I was able to put my finger on just now as I commented on Book Guy Reviews‘s postSuspended Sentences: The Fog of Bad Realism (I revised my wording just a little here):

I hate how the literary establishment praises and awards writing that is boring, obscure, and pretentious, rather than writing that is truly great storytelling. I used to think I just didn’t get it. Now I think they’re the ones who don’t.

No more apologizing about it—that is how I feel!


2 comments on “To quote myself…

  1. onehungryghost
    May 10, 2015

    Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything is a podcast that has an episode called “Recent, Relevant, Random” (can’t find a way to make a link, but search for the episode at toe.prx.org) that celebrates self-guided exploration of literature, as opposed to being herded to the trough of the establishment. The podcast features Phyllis Rose, who wrote The Shelf, and who revels in discovering superb, original literary talent among those who never achieved status. The establishment dominates because it wants to dominate, but we can walk away! The podcast is quite inspiring in that direction, and I imagine Rose’s book is as well.


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