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The Almost Crushing Weight of My Gratitude and Happiness

I also sometimes feel like I'm going to be crushed by cats. :)

I also sometimes feel like I’m going to be crushed by cats. 🙂

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to be absolutely crushed by gratitude and happiness.

It happens especially on days like today, when the weather is beautiful and my body and mind both feel pretty good. Oh yeah—and it’s Friday!

On days like this, I sometimes feel like I almost can’t bear the weight and sweetness of all the good things in my life. And I feel like my gratitude can never be enough, and like my heart might explode from happiness.

I mean, wow:

I have a good job (even though I complain about it a lot) that gives me independence, security, and everything I need plus most things I want.

I have a good car that gets me where I need to go.

I’m healthy, physically and emotionally. (That’s a big deal, especially considering the health problems and depression I struggled with for about a decade.)

I have a husband who makes me laugh all the time, who also has a good job, who is always good to me, who takes care of his family (and me, and our house—oh yeah, I’m also grateful for that!), and whom I just want to talk to and be with all the time.

I have three sweet cats (see above) who bring a tremendous amount of love and happiness to my life.

I have some really fantastic friends whom I can talk to about anything.

I have a family who loves me and with whom, despite our differences, I share fun common interests (music being the biggest one)—as well as the history of all we’ve been through together.

I have dreams to follow, notebooks to fill (and a purple fountain pen to use!), hobbies to pursue, pleasures to savor, and activist projects to work on with people who share my vision for making our corner of the world a better place.

I have a whole world of great books to read, movies and shows to watch, and music to discover.

I have a whole world of beautiful nature to enjoy (plus I live in a really beautiful place—West Virginia).

I have a whole world of new experiences to try, places to go, people to meet, things to learn, love to give, and air to breathe.

I am alive.

And I am incredibly blessed.

I am grateful beyond words.


4 comments on “The Almost Crushing Weight of My Gratitude and Happiness

  1. emilievardaman
    August 14, 2015

    Three cats and a purple fountain pen! You barely need the rest. 🙂
    So glad your life is so good!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Radhika Thatte-George
    August 17, 2015

    Wow! Loved the way you look at your life. Grateful for every thing thats going for you, rather than complaining about what is not. Thank you for showing me how to do it.


    • Sarrah J. Woods
      August 17, 2015

      Thanks! I’m so glad my post was helpful for you. I think that perspective shift you mention can make a huge difference in how we feel.


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