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Lovely Moments Lately (Winter Weather Edition)


I kind of forgot about my “lovely moments” posts for a while, but I hope to start doing them more often, because I really like the practice of savoring little lovely moments in my day. Right now my region is in the middle of a blizzard, and because of it I’m cozy at home instead of at work, so things are feeling pretty lovely! But here are a few other winter-weather lovely moments I’ve kept track of lately:

* Jogging outside on a chilly, cloudy, pre-snow morning and noticing the memories stirred up by the cold air mixed with certain smells such as woodsmoke and diesel. (The woodsmoke plus the cold reminded me of youth retreats from my teenage years, and the diesel plus the cold brought up memories of my fateful but photogenic tour of London and Paris, because we rode a lot of buses.)

* Driving alongside the river after dark (on my way home from an equally lovely writing critique group meeting), glancing at the reflections of the city lights on the water while listening to the ultra-beautiful new Sara Bareilles song “You Matter to Me.”

* After my at-work, between-customers lunchtime ritual of eating lunch at my desk with a classic novel (currently, The Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne), standing and looking out the window at the snow and drinking a warming cup of tea (specifically, Celestial Seasonings’s “Caffeine Free” blend, which is an amazing herbal imitation of the flavor of black tea).

* Working at the sewing machine with my snow-stranded niece, who stayed with us overnight.

* Getting to come home from work early today because of the blizzard and immediately burrowing into my bed with a novel. (If you must know, I will admit that I was reading The Hunger Games for the fourth time.)

* Laughing at the cuteness of my cat Mallory when, upon her begging to be let outside earlier today, my husband opened the door for her, and she kept reaching a paw out toward the snow but then pulling it back at the last second.

I’m wishing you all safety, warmth, and good books!

Today's snow, so far

Today’s snow, so far


One comment on “Lovely Moments Lately (Winter Weather Edition)

  1. pinkiebag
    January 23, 2016

    I love pictures of snow. You can’t beat a snow day being snuggled up in the warm sipping a nice tea whilst reading a book.

    Liked by 1 person

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