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Sorry it’s been sudden radio silence on my blog. Things have been really busy lately, and I haven’t had the mind space for blogging. I still don’t, actually, but I thought I could at least show you some photos of one thing that’s been keeping me extra busy: kittens!

The beautiful little stray cat we took in earlier this spring (see this post) had FIVE kittens in my house last month. Three orange (like her), one white, and one black-ish. I’m finding it tricky to get great kitten photos, but here’s what I’ve got to show so far. Enjoy!

One day old

One day old

A few days old

A few days old

A couple weeks old

FullSizeRender (00D)

Beginning to play…

FullSizeRender (009)

…and explore

FullSizeRender (00B)

Interacting with the giants

Mama stays close by

Mama stays close by

Two of the babies nurse while Mama bathes them


3 comments on “Kittens!

  1. Marc-André
    May 9, 2016


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  2. Sarah Brentyn
    June 7, 2016

    I can’t stand the cuteness! ❤ Radio silence all around, I think. But at least you have adorable, furry excuses.

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  3. Sarrah J. Woods
    June 8, 2016

    I will have plenty more photos to come! If all goes well we should have them all adopted out by next week. *fingers crossed* I’ve grown attached to them, but it will be nice to have some space cleared up in my mind and schedule for things like blogging.

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