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For Just This One Minute: A Poem from New Motherhood

My darlings

I still haven’t had a chance to sit down and compose some long-form thoughts to share with you, but here’s a poem. (In free verse, for a change…that’s all my sleep-deprived brain can handle!)

I will also say that this poem feels like a slight exaggeration: things are hard but not unbearable, at least not most of the time…as long as I stay strong on prioritizing self-care!!


For Just this One Minute

by Sarrah J. Woods


It’s seven in the morning, though that doesn’t mean much;

night and day are a blur with four-month-old twin babies

who both have colds.


They are precious but I am exhausted

from steering this runaway train

of diapers and daycare forms,

bottles and baby snot,

car seats and instant coffee,

which I’ve had to start drinking again

to get through the workdays.


But here in this moment now,

for just this one minute,

all is quiet. 

One baby snores softly

in her car seat beside me.

Her twin is in the nursery,

snoozing in the arms of her dad,

who also fell asleep while feeding her.


The cats have been fed too; they are now

self-grooming in their respective spots.

Soon I’ll have to get up and tackle

the next most pressing thing;

but for just this one minute,

no one urgently needs me.


The sun slides through a green glass bowl

on the bookshelf by the window

and touches my face where I sit

on the couch with my mug.


I breathe.

I let my mind wander to poetry,

for just this one minute.


I suddenly remember

that we’ll be okay.


2 comments on “For Just This One Minute: A Poem from New Motherhood

  1. Alexis A. Hunter
    June 30, 2017

    Sending huggggs. Thank goodness for those rare, quiet, peaceful, soul-nourishing moments. ❤


  2. Norah Colvin
    June 30, 2017

    I didn’t have twins but, as a mother, I remember.


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