A Bringer of New Things

Musings on personal growth, books, motherhood, writing, and more.


This blog, A Bringer of New Things, is owned and written by Anna Eplin (formerly Anna Kelly) in Charleston, WV, USA.

If you are an old friend looking to get in touch with Anna, please use the contact form to send her an email, as she is not on Facebook. She is also getting tired of writing in the third person here, so: I would love to hear from you, whoever you are, from whatever walk of life, whether it’s Northland, Cross Lanes, Kansas, LHC, good ol’ West Virginia, or some other place and time from my past (and/or present). I’m not on Facebook because I just don’t like Facebook, but I do like connecting with people in other ways! And despite the unusual journey my life has taken me on, and despite how I might have felt at earlier periods on my journey, now I have only love in my heart for all the people who have been a part of it. So, I hope you’ll contact me if you would like to!