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Quotes: Age and Experience

“The first to speak was an old lord, Aegyptius, stooped with age, who knew the world by heart.”
Homer, The Odyssey (translation of Robert Fagles) (Book 2, lines 15-16)

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice I.i

“The girl had no idea, as she plunked down their mugs of coffee, that her own arm would someday be sprinkled with age spots, or that cups of coffee had to be planned since blood pressure medicine made you widdle so much, that life picked up speed, and then most of it was gone—made you breathless, really.”
Elizabeth Strout, Olive Kitteridge

“One of those things about getting older was knowing that so many moments weren’t just moments, they were gifts…life was a thing to celebrate.”
Elizabeth Strout, Olive Kitteridge

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