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Last updated: June 25, 2015

1. Discoveries from Living

The Importance of Personal Boundaries

Being My Own Friend

The Joys and Evils of Small Communities

Heart Neighbors: Love as a Free Partnership

The Journey Matters, Too

My Favorite Inspirational Songs

We Need You to Be Yourself

“Fear is stronger than love”: Thoughts, Reflections on Anna Karenina, and a Haiku

Self-care: A Life-changing and World-changing Practice

The Intricacy of Effective Simplicity

On Feeding My Creative Spirit, My Miracle, and Other Updates

Discovering the Wonderful Advantages of Dignity

Discovering My Need for Self-parenting

Work and Poor People: My First Time Ever Writing Directly about Politics

Idea: Eliminate Political Campaigns and Empower the People Instead

Learning the Art of Beautiful Conversation

Discovering the Power of Priorities

For the Love of Tea

My Newspaper Op-ed: Why I’m Giving Up My Smart Phone


The Skill of Restraint

On Pursuing a Relaxed Life

Committing to My Own Persona

Why I Am a Non-judgmental Vegetarian

Discovering the Fun of Yard Sale Shopping

Waging War on My Stress

A New Way of Responding to Bad Moods

Discovering the Joys of Camping

Pondering: Large Families vs. Small Families

Open Parachutes, Open Minds

“The Peninsula”: Discovering the Value of Relationships

Talking about “Character” in the Older Sense of the Word

On Assertiveness and People Who Make Us Spindly

Having Literary Flashbacks

Unplugging my Life

Learning to Face Disagreement Maturely

I Appreciate You, Fast Food Workers!

Getting Better at Self-care

Six Little Ways Non-Western Cultures Have Made My Life Better

The Real Reason Why “No One Is Perfect”

Reviving Letter Writing

It’s Time to Speak

The Magic of Hawaii

Tea: “A Temporary Solution to the Cares of the World”

My Discovery of the Joys of Knitting

Input Overwhelm: So Much to Read!

Midnight in Paris and “Golden Age Thinking”

Weather Conversations (It’s the First Day of Spring!)

Why I’m Grateful for Ebooks (But Still Won’t Read Them)

Mental Endurance–Our Salvation and Destruction

The Glow of a Good TV Show

A Case of the Grays

Less Is More: My Latest Life Lesson in Verse

New Year’s Is Here! (It’s my favorite holiday!)

Break from Blogging—and Giving Advice

How to Have Boundaries with Your Smart Phone

Meditation on Uncertainty

A Mystery Novel’s Musings on Morality

When Labeling Yourself Is a Good Thing

Learning to Live and Write by Imitation

I Was Wrong: A Confession

My Very Favorite Song: “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel

Happiness Is Like a Checking Account

Questioning the Legitimacy of American Pride

My Daily OHM (One Happy Moment) Journal

Is Pride Good or Bad?

The Benefits of Clearly Saying What We Mean

We Are What We Aim For

Open-mindedness: The Only Way to Cultivate It

The Luxury of a Quiet Life

How a Note from a Customer Made Me Kinder

What I Admire about Elizabeth and Jane Bennet

Multitasking Can Hurt Productivity

Emotional Honesty a Cooling Balm for Anger and Anxiety

Health Is Proportion

Illness: A Poem

Claiming my Voice

Purposes of this Blog


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2. Discoveries from Learning

 “Spells of Calm”: A Quote I Love

The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton: Wow! Wow! Wow!

To quote myself…

“Fear is stronger than love”: Thoughts, Reflections on Anna Karenina, and a Haiku

Celebrating Spring

Books I Read in 2014

Don Quixote on Writing

On Self-education

“It Would Be a Merrier World”

Great Poems: “Terence, this is stupid stuff” by A.E. Housman

Great Poems: “Sometimes I walk where the deep water dips” by Frederick Goddard Tuckerman

The Value of Studying History

Great Poems: “Night” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In Defense of Understandable Poetry

The Writing Class by Jincy Willet

Why I ♥ Victor Hugo

On My Favorite Classic Novels List: The Great Gatsby

These Photos Cost Me Way Too Much

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon

Memorial to My Literary Heroes (and Imaginary Friends)

How Many Books Can I Read at Once?

This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Wow, Ya’ll! Brilliant Blogging!

Book Review: Me and You by Niccolò Ammaniti

Celebrating Love

Happy Birthday, Robert Frost (I Miss You)!

Book Recommendation: Where’d You Go, Berndatte?

Rethinking Once Again…Maybe the Middle Ages Weren’t So Bad After All

Get the Gift of Logical Thinking by Learning a Little Philosophy

Verse on Reading Well

Little Skill, Big Head: The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Four Words I’ve Enjoyed Learning

Grieving for the Middle Ages

Great Insight from A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

Anna Karenina and Vronsky at the End: A Poem

Discovering the Terracotta Army

Do You Know the Difference between These Musical Terms?

My Flashcard Study System

Two Nature Poems I Found and Fell in Love with as a Preteen

Reflections on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley—and on Being Impulsive

The Difference between Science and Pseudoscience

Natural Selection for Dummies (Like Me)

The Cambridge Platonists: An Important but Forgotten Group of Thinkers

Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

Why I Support the Classical Education Movement

I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem by Maryse Condé

What I Admire about Elizabeth and Jane Bennet

Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway: A Lovely Work of Art

Trial and Error: The Story of My Self-education Plans

Wordplay: Five Zany-sounding Literary Devices

Funeral for My Attempt at Reading Moby-Dick

Logic for Everyday Life

Confirmation Theory

Tolstoy and Beautiful Art

How Did We Get So Advanced?

“Race” Is Not a Scientific Term

The Problem of Induction

Chaos Theory and Related Concepts


Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing


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3. Discoveries from Writing

 Art and Aloneness

New Writing Plan and “Story a Day in May”

I Need Patience: Working towards Your Dreams Is Not Easy

The Intricacy of Effective Simplicity

On Feeding My Creative Spirit, My Miracle, and Other Updates

On Writing and Art: A Breakthrough

Musings twoard a Wise Life

In Pursuit of a More Descriptive Subtitle

Let’s Get Updated…Plus, a Confession

Perseverance on the Traffic-jammed Road of Writing for $

Practicing the Craft of Fiction

A Laugh for Your Thursday

Brainwave! (See? Breaks Pay Off!)

One Lovely Blog Award!

Short Time Blocks, More Writing!

To Be Sublime: A Writer’s Heartaches

My Search for the Perfect Notebook System

New Blog Fun; Lovely Moments

On Being a Writer

Pen Name

Break from Blogging–and Giving Advice

The Writer: A Sonnet Sequence

Learning to Live and Write by Imitation

Creation: A Free Verse Poem

When I Grow Up

Writing Teachers

On Writing

Claiming My Voice


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4. Creative Writings

Vertical Again: A Poem

 What She Was Giving: A Flash Fiction Story

Being My Own Friend

The Downside of Spring

Tulips: A Poem

The Wonder of Springtime: A Poem and the Personal Story behind It

“Fear is stronger than love”: Thoughts, Reflections on Anna Karenina, and a Haiku

I’m Alive: A Song of Gratitude

The Rich Mind’s Way: A Poem

Setting Off: A Poem

Nature’s Spell: A Poem

“The Peninsula”: Discovering the Value of Relationships

Kindergartener Questions: Excerpts from My Memoir-in-progress

Let It Be and Hold It Dear

My Resurrection: A Sonnet

Less Is More: My Latest Life Lesson in Verse

Each Heart I’ve Known: A Villanelle

Sometimes I want a ceiling: A Poem

Verse on Reading Well

Book Covers: A Short-short Story

Anna Karenina and Vronsky at the End: A Poem

With You: A Love Poem

Ode to the Preacher

Creation: A Free-verse Poem

Verse on Adulthood

Climbing with You: A Love Poem

The Turn: A Sonnet

Untangling: A Villanelle

When I Grow Up

Two Light Quatrains

Illness: A Poem

Writing Teachers


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5. Causes I Support


Four Cool Causes

Why I Support the Classical Education Movement

Taking Action Against Child Abuse


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