A Bringer of New Things

Musings on personal growth, books, motherhood, writing, and more.



A Bringer of New Things: Essays and Poems on Life, Literature, Learning, and Writing, available at Lulu.com and AmazonMost of the writings in the book appeared in earlier versions on this blog, but there are some extra pieces that are only in the book.


* The Charleston Anvil, November 2015: “We Need You to Be Yourself”

* Southwoods Magazine, August 2014: “Letter Writing, Rediscovered” 

* Charleston Gazette, September 2014: “Why I’m Giving Up My Smart Phone

* Freethought Today, October 2013: “America’s Toxic Nickname” (printed under a different name)

Guest Blog Posts

* Vocalis, February 2016:Becoming My Own Parent

* Vocalis, March 2016: “When My Cat Took Care of Me


I welcome your thoughts.

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